Da Ritual Spa at Traventino Hotel is the glittering jewel of the Hotel Collection. The Spas celebrate the brilliance of nature, leading technology, and the personalized experience of each individual guest.

Services Offered

Body Care

Body Massages, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs, Body Treatments. Spacious Rooms .

Sauna, Jacuzi, Steam

Wooden Sauna, Each Room with Jacuzzi, Steam Enclosure.

Saloon Services

A Seperate Area for Saloon with all the saloon Services. .

Add On Care

Post service Refreshment, Ample Parking, Near Metro Station, Ground Floor .


From the moment a guest enters The Spa they are enveloped in a haven of relaxation. Our customized touch and experiential treatments make The Spa ultimate destination. The Ritual Spa seeks to create pathways for each guest to inner health and external beauty.